Our Homeschool

How We Homeschool

Homeschooling looks different for everyone, but I would like to think many of us share the same end goal: to have raised God fearing, well rounded, well educated, respectful human beings who are self aware and strong willed. Independent thinkers. This is important to us; though my husband and I try our best to instill our core values and beliefs in our children, we are well aware that one day they will no longer be in our care.

One day they will no longer cling to mom and dad and look to us for answers to their never ending questions (though, as long as God allows, we will always be here for them), and that’s okay. It is my prayer that we get the ground work right, that we instill the values that, when they are older and on their own, they can revert back to should life get a little too difficult.

Life As Usual

For us, homeschool is just life as usual. It’s the never-ending need to learn, to always be teachable, and to use every moment as a teachable moment. It is academia, relationship, and spirituality. It is all encompassing.

Sometimes the boys sit at their desks, sometimes the couch, sometimes the porch. We’ve had outdoor lessons and we have co-op days. Sometimes we have full days and sometimes we have light days. The goal is to always learn and to always create opportunities for application. I love to watch my kids just be the carefree kids that they are. I have watched them grow, defy odds, and persevere. We are blessed to live this life and do what we love. I may not love homeschooling every day, but it’s absolutely true that we have more amazing days than we have bad days.

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