Yup, I’m a boymom!!!

Hi! I’m Shara, and that’s right, I’m a boymom!!

He loves me!
Mommy & Caleb

That’s what we’re calling it today. When I first heard the term “boymom” I admit that I rolled my eyes. Hard. The moms in one of my mom groups on Facebook take it very seriously. Full on fb fights have broken out over who or what a boymom is. Every time I see them in my newsfeed it reminds me that I need to unfriend, block, and unfollow the well-meaning friend who added me to this group. Lol. Those mamas are relentless! It’s no secret that I never wanted boys; I grew up with 4 brothers and boy oh boy was it rough being the baby girl. My sister and I look back and laugh now, but please know that we were not laughing back then. Honestly, it was a blessing and curse. It was like having my own personal bodyguards. They just never went away at the end of the day.

Having four brothers pretty much sealed my fate. It’s how I knew I didn’t want any boys. My brothers (and male cousins) were a handful in ways that my sister and I weren’t. They were always in trouble. Breaking all the rules. Doing dumb stuff all. the. time. I spent most of my childhood being “sooooo over them”. 😂😂  As fate would have it, I found out I was having a baby boy in 2011. I eventually came around. There may or may not have been tears. Lots of them. Raindrop sized, even. Like I said, I came around and life has been a nonstop rollercoaster ever since.

I wouldn’t change a thing!

I love my boys, however, I do no love the mini heart attacks they give me when they decide to “fly” off my couch.  When they jump from slides, swings, and other playground equipment and I feel a wave of panic rush over my body do I love it? Nope! I don’t love the constant fighting. However, I do love how fearless they are; they see themselves in batman, spiderman, and even Doc McStuffins. I love that my neck will never be without a squeeze and that my heart will always be full. The way they love and support one another blows me away! I love the way they love and protect their baby sister even though they are just babies themselves. Every evening when their dad walks through the door I love seeing their faces light up with excitement. I love the way that no matter what, they love me and make it their business to tell me that I’m the best mommy (and “cooker”) in the whole world. Lol. But mostly I love that they have one another so they can finally leave me alone. Jokes. 😬

So yeah, I’m a ‘boymom’, and I’m honored to be one.